Rahi Systems provides two types of initial assessments for security. Our security assessment entails a call covering questions from 7 different domains and we create a report to determine overall security posture and areas for improvement. During our cyber threat assessment, we monitor your network looking for malicious cyber activity for one month and each week to deliver a threat intelligence briefing where we discuss security incidents that have been seen on your network.

Security Assessment

  • 90-minute call between Rahi Systems and customer (CISO, IT Director or IT manager)
  • Covers 7 domains including documentation and training, infrastructure, data, people, security intelligence, advanced fraud, and application & web security
  • Final report includes an action plan delivered to the end-user to allow the customer to be more secure

Cyber Threat Assessment

  • 4 week assessment with no obligation
  • Weekly custom-made threat intelligence
  • An appliance is deployed in your network that uses AI to detect cyber threats
  • Device automatically learns what is ‘normal’ for every device, user, and network
  • Analysis of what was was found and how
  • Joint commitment where threats are investigated together to determine the likelihood of compromise


Once the assessment is performed, we provide a customer ecosystem based on input from the security threat assessment.

Penetration testing is an excellent planning technique to determine a quantifiable level of security posture. Our penetration testing experts use a variety of sophisticated tools and deliver a final report on our findings.

Security Plan

  • Define security eco-system for customer environment and perform vendor management for each solution desired
  • The customer provides the number of devices, critical devices, and network diagram where documentation provided at end of service

Penetration Testing

  • Perform different types of penetration testing including external penetration testing, web application vulnerability assessment, internal penetration testing, and vulnerability scanning
  • Present a final report on what vulnerabilities were found and remediation recommendations


Once the set of desired solutions is identified from the planning phase, Rahi Systems will install and configure solutions on your network.

We ensure that your solutions have been configured for optimal use and perform validation testing, which includes high level and detailed test cases where a final test report is documented.

Advanced AI Threat Protection

  • Configure the threat protection AI
  • Run system for one week to train what is normal for devices, users, and networks
  • Initial operation analyzing the threat tray and network visualization
  • Training documentation provided at the end of service
    Determine whether managed services are desired

Firewall, IPS, and Advanced Threat Prevention Solution

  • Install next-gen firewall in the network and configure firewall setting routing policy, firewall filters, etc.
  • Configure firewall setting routing policy, firewall filters, etc.
  • Training documentation provided at the end of service to determine whether managed services are desired

Managed Detection and Response Solution

  •  Install MDR solution on network and configure agents on each device of network
  • Enable honeypots and threat hunting and determine whether managed services are desired


Rahi Systems offers a variety of managed services for your security needs.

Vulnerability scans are performed once a month to provide high level and detailed reporting on vulnerabilities identified. Our networking and IT specialists will then perform patching on these devices. Allow us to conduct the monitoring and operation of your security solutions, whether it is a SIEM or monitoring for a specific solution.

Vulnerability Scanning

  • Assessment including attack surface mapping, internal and external scanning check for vulnerabilities, and hardware and software inventory
  • Remediation where recommendations are made for resolving vulnerabilities and plan for installing patches

Advanced AI Threat Prevention Monitoring

  • Monitor threat tray for identified attacks – detection, investigation, and response to active threats
  • Use network visualizer to map devices and subnets to network diagrams and respond to threats

Manage, Detection, and Response

  •  Install MDR solution on network and configure agents on each device of network
  • Enable honeypots and threat hunting and determine whether managed services are desired
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